Nestor Springs

Comfort your customers
will love (and buy)

We produce pocket spring units
for mattresses and upholstered furniture.

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A company tailored to you

An independent testing laboratory enables us to adapt the parameters of our products to individual requirements. We will provide you with products that meet your expectations in a timely, quick, and efficient manner. By sharing the same values, we are able to cooperate effectively

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A source of comfort for your customers

Spring structures in furniture and mattresses provide adequate ventilation and dissipate heat up to 28% more efficiently than foam. Moisture does not penetrate into the material, which retains its durability and unchanged appearance. The equation is simple: by choosing springs, you choose the quality, comfort, and health of your customers.

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We like to feel good at work, which is why we value a friendly atmosphere and satisfying tasks. If, like us, you want to grow in a stable company and a good team, do not wait – fill in the form and join us today!

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