Why to choose the minibonnell units?

Reducing the diameter of the spring in the minibonnell type units is associated with increasing the number of springs in the unit. This allows obtaining a point-elastic seat with high stability.
Minibonnell spring units are used in modern upholstered furniture with low seats, sofa beds and low mattresses. Currently, they are the most commonly used semi-finished product in co-packing of foam panels. Minibonnells – what are they? Minibonnells, as bonnells, are a single spring produced from high carbon wire. Minibonnells are characterized by smaller dimensions.

The most popular are the following minibonnells:

Minibonnells with a diameter of 65 mm:
height: 70 i 80 mm
4-coil system,
Ø 2.2 mm wire.
Minibonnells with a diameter of 70 mm:
height: 70 mm
4-coil system,
Ø 1.9 mm wire.


Upon individual orders we also produce minibonnells with other than the above parameters.

If the issue is to improve stability of minibonnells we suggest using a single or a double steel frame.

Dimensions of minibonnell type units

The dimension tables include currently available minibonnell type sizes. To meet individual needs of clients we produce units with non-standard dimensions. We are happy to
answer any questions and concerns. We invite you to contact us.