What is the time to process the order?

Our clients’ time is important to us. We work based on the Just in time idea. As part of our production and logistic possibilities we produce and deliver units even within one day from the date on which we receive an order.

Where do we deliver our products?

In any place both in Poland and abroad. On time! We have our own transport but we have also been cooperating with proven national courier and transport companies for many years. As a result, we can afford great flexibility in planning and delivery, which allows shipping even a single pallet of goods.

How do we pack bonnell and pocket units?

Spring units are rolled in paper in the roll pack system . They can be protected with stretch foil. Rolling facilitates logistics of the product and reduces the costs of transportation and storage. Upon the client’s request, we can provide non-rolled units. pakowanie_nestorsprings

Why we are open to custom orders?

We like taking on new challenges. An unusual idea of our client is an inspiration to broaden our knowledge and develop the product range. We believe that together we can work out the best solutions.

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