The highest quality and safety of products offered by Nestor Springs is our top priority. New investments in our machine fleet, attention to quality of raw materials supplied by reliable suppliers, and implementation of a multi-stage quality control system are just some of the activities to maintain the highest standards.

We have the following certifications:



Granted by TÜV SÜD Czech, attesting the compliance of our products with safety and quality requirements of the European Union. [DOWNLOAD]


Hygienic Certificate issued by the National Institute of Public Health of the National Institute of Hygiene. The certificate guarantees that NESTOR SPRINGS’ products do not have a negative impact on health and the environment when used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. [DOWNLOAD]

logo fwf

We participate in the Financially Credible Company program, as evidenced by a certificate awarded by the Economic Information Bureau InfoMonitor S.A. This document testifies to the credibility and reliability in business and testifies to the timely payment of our obligations. Its rank is evidenced by the fact that it is issued on the basis of several databases (BIG Register of Debtors, Credit Information Bureau Base, the BANKING REGISTER system of the Polish Bank Association). [DOWNLOAD]


We belong to a prestigious group of 1% of Polish companies which have been awarded the Certificate of Financial Credibility. The certificate guarantees that our company is in a good financial condition and regularly fulfils its obligations. Assessment of reliability and stability of the company is made based on: the analysis of payment morality in accordance with International Payment Monitor, and the analysis of financial ratios of the latest available financial statements, and on the basis of data in Poland’s largest relational database of corporate and personal information.


We are certified “Caring for nature” awarded by Polski System Recyklingu Organizacja Odzysku Opakowań S.A. It is evidence that we run activities aimed at eliminating the harmful impact of packaging waste on the environment.