They effectively break the stereotype of
squeaky and collapsing mattresses
Pocket units consist of springs placed in separate pockets.

Point elasticity



The system of placing springs in individual pockets guarantees point flexibility. This prevents making noise and transmitting vibrations caused by body movements. This solution allows the partner to sleep uninterrupted.

Unparallel durability



Compression of the spring in the pocket below its initial height guarantees that the size of the unit remains constant even up to 25 years of use. The mattress is not deformed by the pressure generated by the compressed springs.

Product list

Pocket springs are one of the most popular solutions used in mattresses. These are springs which are placed in separate pockets, thanks to which each of them works independently of the others.

Created for people who appreciate deep and comfortable sleep. With Everest Pocket they will be floating in the clouds:

  • height up to 22 cm,
  • undoubtedly the highest sleeping comfort,
  • foam reduction to protect the environment
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Functional, comfortable, and environmentally- friendly:

  • increased strength of the mattress edge allows to reduce the foam in the sides of the mattress,
  • without the effect of sliding off the edge of the mattress while sitting.
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A unit for people with increased demands. The unique progressive design of the springs adds softness at the initial touch and stabilization at full load:

  • two levels of comfort in one spring,
  • much more comfortable than the standard spring
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For couples with different preferences regarding the firmness of the mattress:

  • different firmness parameters for both sides,
  • independent configuration of zones for each side,
  • the movement of one of the partners does not transfer to the other side.
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A unit used in children mattresses, modern furniture, and car mattress industries:

  • the height of 6 cm allows for use in small spaces,
  • high firmness prevents „tapping” into the furniture frame.
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An unusual solution with many applications, e.g. as a top finish that adds lightness and elasticity:

  • it can be an additional mattress layer, thus increasing the softness and elasticity,
  • foam reduction increases the pro-ecological properties and mattress hygiene,
  • a larger number of springs per m2 allows even better adjustment of the mattress surface to the anatomical shape of the user.
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It has hardness zones arranged in accordance with the human anatomical structure:

  • ensures a high level of comfort during rest,
  • exact adaptation to the individual body parts.
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Springs placed in separate pockets effectively separate the feeling of partner’s movements during sleep:

  • high comfort due to point elasticity,
  • the springs hidden in pockets work soundlessly,
  • without the effect of the mattress collapsing.
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Highest possible spring density per square meter enables the best body support:

  • up to 700 springs per square meter
  • higher point flexibility in comparison to other pocket spring systems


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Eco pocket – a lower spring count for budget products. Consisting of large diameter springs made with thicker diameter wire, Eco pocket consumes less raw materials while maintaining given firmness and comfort. It will therefore not only be cheaper, but also more environmentally friendly.

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SuperMini pocket springs – a great product used in mattress toppers and modern furniture as they can be used in small spaces.

  • High firmness prevents bumping against the furniture frame;
  • With the Super Mini pocket, we reduce the amount of foam used, making the product environmentally friendly;
  • The small amount of foam also makes the furniture easy to clean.
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    Pocket springs

    EcoLoopthe eco-friendly solution for your mattress needs. Made from recycled materials, these pocket springs have optimal amounts of recycled content without compromising on quality.

    • 90% recycled content in the wire used for the springs;
    • 80% recycled content in the fiber used to cover the springs;
    • An innovative hot-melt adhesive which can be recycled together with the fleece.
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    The Hybrid pocket spring is an exceptional product that combines three springs into one offering unique comfort and support.

  • The wider coils at the initial compression provide softness and perfect adaptability to pressure;
  • The middle coils provide firmness and stability under greater pressure;
  • Each spring is independently wrapped in MuTex or needlepunch to reduce the noise.
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    CustomFit – unlimited zoning possibilities, created by springs of different diameters, different wire thicknesses and compression.

  • Ensures a high level of comfort during rest;
  • Exact adaptation to the individual body parts.
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    Introducing EcoBond pocket springs – a new solution that eliminates the use of glue to connect pockets. Rows of springs are sonically welded together, resulting in a more environmentally friendly end product that is also easier to recycle.

  • EcoBond pocket springs eliminate the use of glue, making the product more eco-friendly and easier to recycle;
  • Rows of springs are sonically welded together, providing a strong and durable connection that can withstand regular use;
  • EcoBond pocket springs are a great choice for those looking to reduce their environmental impact, as they are made without harmful chemicals and can be easily recycled.
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    Introducing SplendidCore – a natural and breathable cotton pocket springs that help to keep the mattress cool and comfortable for a better night’s sleep.

  • The natural cotton pockets are breathable, providing a cooler sleeping experience than foam mattresses;
  • The SplendidCore pocket spring casing is highly elastic and provides responsive support without any noisy fabric rustling;/li>
  • SplndidCore is designed specifically for mattresses made from natural components, providing a healthy and comfortable sleeping surface.
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    Harmony technology – combining functionality and comfort with the softness provided by Harmony technology.

  • Unmatched point elasticity and conformability;
  • Each spring operates independently, ensuring optimal support and comfort for all sleepers;
  • The use of high-strength glue in bonding the springs together ensures durability and longevity.
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    The DoubleDecker is a system with two layers of pocket springs that provides higher coil count and better comfort for a good night’s sleep.

  • This solution offers the possibility of using two layers of pocket springs with different heights;
  • Varying wire thickness in each layer creates the desired effect of a soft or firm feel.
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    ValueRest consists of larger diameter pocket springs and maintains the same firmness as standard pocket springs, making it more economical without sacrificing key features such as point elasticity, quietness, and lack of settling.

  • Provides point elasticity, quietness, and lack of settling;
  • A great alternative to Bonnell springs which can be used in both budget mattresses and continental bed bases.
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