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Each year, we produce more than
1,200,000 spring units
And it would seem that this sentence best defines the company.
Nothing could be further from the truth.

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The numbers show the scale, but they do not look inside the company that is made up of people. They do not show the Chairman’s great curiosity when, as a child, he watched his grandfather work in a workshop. He focused on the skillful movements of his hands which put the finishing touches on the handcrafted furniture. These are the moments when his passion for the furniture industry was born. The passion which later brought this company to life. And the same passion was later passed on by Jacek Moskała to his son.

Nestor Springs is a family-owned company, and at the same time, a place where we can observe the strength of human potential. In business, we always focus on partnership - we listen and adapt to individual customer needs, and long-term cooperation with the leading mattress manufacturers is a confirmation of our reliability and high quality of our products and services.

The times when we only sold our products on the local market are long gone. Thanks to our investments in machinery and flexibility, we have developed on the national and European scale. There have been many transformations in the history of the company, but the main values - the priority of partnership and quality - have remained unchanged.

A brief history of the company in the words of the Chairman, Jacek Moskała

1989 – I start my own furniture business

I have been in the furniture business for over thirty years. The beginning was working in a carpenter’s shop with my father. After a short period of joint apprenticeship I started my own business, initially manufacturing hardwood furniture and later upholstered furniture.

Meticulousness and high requirements I set for suppliers of elements for production of furniture for my clients, resulted in smooth widening of the field of activity. This is how I became a co-founder of a company dealing with PUR materials for upholstered products.


1999 – we started the production of springs in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska

I was a shareholder in a upholstery foam fabrication company I encountered problems with bonnell units purchase, which were a vital component of sofa cushions that we’ve manufactured. Spring suppliers reluctantly fulfilled our orders consisting of variety of sizes in different quantities in short delivery times.

Looking back, it wasn’t a problem but a challenge and a great opportunity. In order to provide the company with necessary components I decided to purchase our own set of machinery for bonnell production.

Initially, we produced only for our own use, but the units were soon sold on the local market.


2003 – we moved to a production plant in Oświęcim.

Things started to take a turn that I did not even anticipate when I made the decision about my own production. The demand for our products was growing steadily, which required the expansion of the production area. The company moved to the purchased production plant in Oświęcim. We had 3 times more space for work at our disposal – production achieved proportional growth and our company strengthened its position on the national market.

The following years brought even greater changes.


2006 – we started the production of “pocket” springs.

While managing the company, I have never limited myself to monitoring changes on the domestic market. I have always been looking for inspiration and improvements that I could introduce in Nestor Springs among foreign trends as well. It was the professional curiosity that led us to become the first company in Poland to invest in a production line for pocket springs. This decision was a significant step towards further development of the company.


2014 – we launched the R&D department.

My hunger for change and innovation has always been insatiable. The need for continuous product improvement has led us to establish cooperation with external research units. At the same time wee launched our own R&D department. This was the moment when we somehow broke the barrier of external restrictions. We could focus on improving the quality of our products: firmness and durability.


2016 – we invested in fully automatic bonnell and pocket machines. My son joined the company

2016 was a period of intensive investments. The funds invested in full automation of production lines for bonnell and pocket units allowed us to increase production and stabilize the quality of our products. Since then, we have been able to offer consistently high quality at a competitive price. My son also supports me in further activities – his comprehensive experience and fresh perspective on business perfectly complement my rich knowledge of the furniture market.


Father and son - the family foundation of the company

Jacek Moskała

Founder and Chairman of Nestor Springs. He comes from Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, and his family has been involved in the furniture industry for four generations. From an early age, in his grandfather’s workshop, he watched the process of creating furniture: handmade, created with great passion and commitment. Growing up in a craftsman’s home, he learned about the furniture industry every day: initially by playing, and then helping with his family business. The choice to continue the tradition he had learned at home was therefore natural for him. The first independent steps led him towards the production of hard furniture, and then together with his brother he started to fabricate upholstery foam.

These new experiences initiated the next stage of development and the decision to co-found a company dealing with confectioning PUR materials for mattresses and upholstered furniture. Undertaking further production of spring formats was undoubtedly a supplement to the offer and implementation of the adopted concept of improving products and responding to market demand. A clear direction, persistent and effective pursuit of the vision outlined at the beginning are the foundations for the present market position of the company.


Adrian Moskała

Jacek’s son joined the company in 2016. Like his father, he spent a lot of time in his father’s furniture workshop as a child. However, Adrian did not immediately start working in the family company. After graduating from the Warsaw School of Economics with a degree in Corporate Finance and a degree in Production Management from the University of Cambridge, he developed his knowledge of manufacturing while working for the leading manufacturing companies in the UK. There, he had a chance to learn a variety of processes ranging from assembly of jet engines to production of ice-cream. Following that, he practiced his management skills while working for management consulting companies: he participated in building and implementing growth strategies for biggest Polish companies.

Jacek and Adrian Moskała during “Business Gazelle” award ceremony, for fastest growing companies in Poland, 2018

The combination of Jacek’s extensive knowledge of the furniture market and Adrian’s comprehensive experience has resulted in the dynamic development of the company in the area of products and quality. Currently, they jointly pursue the company’s objective, which is a thorough understanding of the customers’ needs and assistance in their fulfillment through tailored products and appropriate service.



Nestor Springs in group of "Forbes Diamonds 2021" winners

This year, Nestor Springs was among the honored group of “Forbes Diamonds 2021” winners.
This is an extraordinary award given to companies that have increased their value the most between 2015 and 2019.

The Forbes Diamond is a confirmation of the stability and reliability of Nestor Springs and places us among the most dynamically growing companies in Poland.
Many thanks to our staff, customers and suppliers for their trust and joint development!

January, 2021

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