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High quality raw materials

We purchase raw materials for the production of spring units from manufacturers we have known for years. We have tested them multiple times to make sure that our products meet the requirements set in cooperation with the leading European furniture and mattress sales networks.

We also wanted to make sure that they would meet the requirements of your customers. Therefore, in addition to quality, they certify themselves to be safe and harmless to the environment. Along with the springs, you receive an argument that will convince a rapidly growing group of environmentally conscious customers to your products.

Advanced research and development

We trust our knowledge and experience, but in Nestor Springs nobody likes to stand still. We cooperate with leading polish universities and run our own Research and Development Center, which allows us to continuously improve the strength parameters and the comfort of our spring units. Thanks to our products, the hardness of your mattresses will remain unchanged even up to 25 years of use.

Our own Research and Development Center enables us to quickly respond to your changing needs. We can tailor our products to your individual requirements on the basis of the samples provided.

Latest manufacturing technology and knowledge

The production of thousands of spring units with well-thought-out parameters and competitive prices is the result of the combination of automation and the expertise of our team. And it is not a marketing slogan- it is accompanied by measurable effects. In the Research and Development Center we have developed:

  • increased wire strength (without deformation up to 25 years of use) – thanks to multi-stage annealing at 285-315ºC,
  • precise and durable finish – we use the highest quality gluing and welding for our products.
  • Highest production process standards confirmed by TÜV SÜD certificate

Safe and timely transportation

We deliver spring units conveniently rolled up and secured against transport damages. Our products always arrive quickly and on time because we understand how important continuity of production is. Clear and intuitive labeling facilitates the unloading and storage of goods while also saving time for your warehouse workers.